The Fastest and Most Convenient All-in-One Decentralized Wallet
What is the best way to securely store your valuable assets and earn more profits? Introducing POOLS WALLET, a user-friendly decentralized wallet that provides powerful security features to keep your assets safe. POOLS WALLET also offers various services that allow you to quickly increase your profitability. Experience the simple, speed, and security of an efficient decentralized wallet with POOLS WALLET.
The All-in-one safest decentralized wallet
Store and monitor your decentralized assets in the most safest wallet and earn more rewards.

The Blockchain Network of the Future Available Now

Pools Chain is designed to assist in the creation of a decentralized Pools phone ecosystem. It simplifies the creation of contracts, the deployment of smart contracts, and the consumption of services.

Earn weekly and monthly rewards

Upon signing up, earn rewards by completing the courses below

Create a wallet

Create or connect a wallet by installing the app.

Deposit assets to a wallet

Transfer your digital assets to your wallet easily and quickly. Rest assured and convenient during the management process.

Hold the assets to wallet

Store your digital assets safely and securely, allowing you the freedom to manage and utilize them at your convenience.

Earn more points with referral codes

When your friends enter their referral codes, which are unique to each wallet, when they sign up, they will earn points for each other.

Cryptocurrency platforms to make Earn safely

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Pools Wallet

Wallet information disconnected from the server

The app has its own wallet functionality, unconnected to the server, and handles wallet functions such as viewing and transferring assets.

Transactions and Exchange within 3 seconds

Operated as a multi-chain wallet makes Pools Wallet process transactions and swapping achieve lightning speed with almost no delay.

Token Mining Integration

Mining without any hardware requirements, Pools Wallet allows users to mine directly on their mobile devices and store their assets right on Pools Wallet.

Using right away in just a few minutes

Following with only 3 steps

Download Pools Wallet

Create or Import your wallet

Start managing your
decentralized assets

Powerful Unique Features


Pools Wallet operates a distributed application on a decentralized blockchain network without a centralized server. We offer users services in various fields such as multi-cryptocurrency wallets, decentralized exchanges, games, prediction markets, and more.
Enjoy the Pools Wallet's Dapp today with its unique advantages, such as immutability, stability, and reliability while ensuring the pro tection and security of users' data, which offers low transaction fees!
# Automatic display of assets in the wallet

Time-saving: Asset display automation, easy management, easy processing of asset transfers.
Accuracy: Using automatic asset display to minimize the inconvenience of adding assets one by one when transferring assets to a new wallet. Automatic asset display prevents input errors and accurately displays assets.
Real-time information: Real-time update of asset information. Convenience: Manually importing assets requires entering account information every time, but using the automatic import function only requires setting up once, making it very convenient.
# Swap

- Swap tokens with low transaction fees
- Lightning-fast processing speed for token trades
- Maximize returns with token swaps
- User-friendly token trading platform
#Provision of real-time cryptocurrency price information

- Accurate market price information
- Quick trade decisions
- Easy market analysis
- Offer more trading opportunities
- Provision of transaction stability with quick information
- Maximize profits
# Invest

- Easy investment
- Various assets investment
- Safe investment
- Selectable investment period
- Yield prediction
- Low fees
- Maximize profits
# Mining

- Pools Token free mining
- Decentralized Network
- Convenience of no specialized equipment
- High security
- Profit increase following the exchange

Integration with
all Pools Mobile’s applications

Manage data from all apps serviced by Pools in one place. Manage various network cryptocurrency wallets in one
place without the hassle of using multiple wallets for cryptocurrency transactions.

High security

Safely manage all wallets in one place without the need to reinforce the safety of each wallet.

More features provided

Provide customized features tailored to meet users' needs for more diverse tasks.

Improved usability

Usability is significantly improved with integrated compatibility with all wallet networks and Pools Mobile apps.

Increased user satisfaction

With powerful feature support, users can experience the convenience of another multi-wallet and increase satisfaction.

Improved user experience

Pools Wallet now enables more convenient utilization of the cryptocurrency ecosystem with a single app.

Download Pools Wallet now!!

The All-in-one safest decentralized wallet

What is Pools Wallet?

Pools Wallet is a secure and easy-to-use cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to store, send, and receive various digital assets.

Is Pools Wallet safe?

Yes, Pools Wallet is built with advanced security features to ensure the safety of your assets, such as multi-layer authentication and encryption.

What cryptocurrencies does Pools Wallet support?

Pools Wallet supports a wide range of popular cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, stablecoins, and many others.

How can I download and install Pools Wallet?

You can download and install Pools Wallet from our official website.

Does Pools Wallet charge fees for transactions?

Yes, Pools Wallet charges a small fee for every transaction you make to cover the cost of network fees and maintain the security of the platform.